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Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Aging, pregnancy, and weight changes causes our tummies to become flabby with increased amounts of skin and fat. We have decreased abdominal wall strength and loss of contours at our waist due to the spreading apart of the rectus muscles, particularly if you’ve been pregnant.
All 2 of these structures need to be addressed in order to rejuvenate your abdomen.
The incision and therefore the scar in in the bikini line and the excess fat is excised. This effectively removes any stretch marks and bad quality skin you may have. In addition to that, liposuction is usually performed to better contour the waist and flatten the upper part of the abdomen.
The rectus muscles are then reapproximated and with stitches giving your desirable hour glass shape with a good transition between waist and hips. This also strengthens your musculature to a certain extent.
This results in a rejuvenated, flattened abdominal wall with good contours. The procedures is often combined with others such as breast reduction/ lifts or augmentation for a more complete overall and harmonious appearance.
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