Gynecomastia is the enlargement of a man or boy’s breast tissue, typically due to a hormonal imbalance. These increased amounts of breast tissue in males are very common. In fact, one male will also develop breast cancer for every 100 females who develop it.

There are three physiological causes of increased breast tissue that occur at three distinct phases of a man’s life. At birth, the first is when the mom’s oestrogen is floating around in her newborn’s bloodstream. The second is during puberty due to the hormonal changes during this stage of life. And the final is during old age, when males don’t produce as much testosterone as they did when they were younger.

Any enlarged breast tissue outside of these times is considered abnormal. The causes are innumerable and can range from liver disease to medications to cancer. However, the most common cause is idiopathic, which means that there is no discernible cause, and it is entirely benign in most cases. However, a thorough examination and blood tests must exclude any severe cause before surgery.

Removal of enlarged breast tissue

Surgery generally involves the removal of the breast tissue and fat, either by liposuction or excision or both. The excision of excess skin is also performed and will cause scarring. The extent of the procedure will be determined by the severity of the increase in breast tissue and skin.

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