A breast lift, known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure whereby the shape of your breasts is enhanced and lifted to improve sagging. As we age, we lose the elasticity of our skin, and our ligaments weaken. These factors cause the breasts to droop. You may also choose to have a breast lift if your nipples point downwards or outwards. This surgery will not increase the size of your breasts but rather create a proportionate shape.

About our breast lift procedures

We classify this drooping (ptosis) into three grades. Depending on what grade you are and the size of the breast, the most suitable operation for you changes slightly. It could range from just an incision around your areola to a full inverted-T type incision. Because all the tissues of the breasts are involved, we will need to rearrange the internal breast structure to achieve a long-lasting result.

Breast lifts are often done with breast reductions to achieve a younger appearance, which we can arrange. Unfortunately, this type of procedure is one of the more tricky cosmetic procedures to achieve good results.

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