Brow or forehead lifts use a procedure that raises the forehead area to remove any sagging skin. The lift is usually performed with other eyelid procedures or facelifts to achieve a more harmonious result with the rest of the face.

Brows get heavy for several reasons, the most common of which are excess skin and decreased volume of subcutaneous tissue. Occasionally, it can be due to inactive frontal muscles in the forehead, either because of medical reasons or, more commonly, due to incorrect filler administration.

We offer three different methods for brow lifts depending on each individual’s needs.


We make five small incisions along the hairline, and a tiny camera is inserted to see which areas require lifting.


A long incision called the coronal incision is made just inside the hairline, and the entire forehead is lifted together with the brows.


Two incisions are made into the temples to access the brows, then lifted into the desired position.

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