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Breast Augmentation: Enlarging the breasts

There are a few things to consider when wanting and augmentation viz.:
1) Where will the scar be?
Breast implants can be inserted via 4 main approaches. Generally I prefer the scar in the infra mammary fold where it is well hidden and research has shown that there is less chance of infection, and bleeding is much easier to control. Occasionally I use the peri areolar approach but this is only in very particular circumstances such as a redo operation where this approach has been used before.
2) Where will my Implant be in relation to the muscle?

Implants are placed either above or underneath the muscle. The decision is based on how much breast tissue you currently have, as well as how active you are in using those muscles. The more breast tissue you have before the op, the less chance you have of seeing the implant edge. So if you’re very thin, Dr Geoffreys recommends you go underneath the muscle.

3) What type of implant is best?

Silicone vs Saline? Textured vs Smooth? Round vs Anatomical (Tear drop shaped)
Generally speaking Dr Geoffreys uses Round, Textured, Silicone implants. In his opinion silicone feels much more natural than saline and has been shown in numerous research studies to be completely safe.
Textured has been show to have less complication in the long term, particularly condition called capsular contracture.

4) How big do I want to go?

The size of your new breasts are determined by 2 things:

1) Your own desires

2) The natural constraints of your own tissues

Detailed measurements will be taken of your current breast size, and your skin envelope, fat and breast tissue will all be analyzed to determine what the most appropriate size for particular situation will be.

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