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Brow Lift

Brow lift: Raising the brow to a more youthful looking , gender specific location.
Brow lift usually performed together with other eyelid procedures and/or face lift in order to achieve a more harmonious result with the rest of the face.
Brows get heavy for a number of reasons most common of which are excess skin and decreased volume of subcutaneous tissue. Occasionally it can be due to inactive frontal muscles in the forehead, either because of medical reasons or more commonly now days due to incorrect Botulinumn toxin administration.
There are 3 main types of Brow lift depending on each individuals own anatomy:
1.Endoscopic : 5 small incisions hidden in the hairline
Use if keyhole camera surgery to lift the brow
2.Classical: 1 long incision just inside the hairline called a coronal incision
The entire forehead is then lifted together with the brows
3.Temporal: 2 incisions , 1 in each temple , used to access the brows and
lift it to the desired position

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