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Nose (Rhinoplasty)

Simplistically speaking, the nose has 3 layers. An inner lining called mucosa, and outer skin covering , and the skeleton in the middle which is composed of both bone and cartilage. Due to a variety of factors such as trauma, infection, and more commonly genetics, one or more of the layers may be in excess or lacking.
The function of the nose may also be affected and can manifest as a blocked airway on either side due to distortion of the structures inside.
Rhinoplasty is probably one of the more challenging procedures in cosmetic surgery. As with all plastic surgery both form and function needs to be taken into account and this is particularly true for the nose. The other important thing about the nose is that beauty is very cultural specific, which means one size definitely does not fit all.
Dr Geoffreys will perform a detailed examination of both the appearance and the function of your nose. Taking into account your wishes, your cultural expectations, and what is actually possible to achieve with surgery, Dr Geoffreys will formulate a plan in close collaboration with you to achieve optimum results.

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